Who are we?

Bel V is a foundation of private law, subsidiary organization of the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) under the authority of the Ministry of the Interior. Benefiting from more than 50 years of experience, since 2008 Bel V is acting as the Technical Safety Organization (TSO) of the FANC on nuclear safety and radiation protection for the main nuclear installations in Belgium.

Our values

Maintain and develop high-level technical expertise in nuclear safety and radiation protection.

Promote mutual respect, honesty, loyalty and trust in human / professional relations.

Maintain our independence and impartiality as a TSO.

Take up a questioning attitude and adopt a global, multidisciplinary and graded approach towards safety issues.

Promote a learning culture and be open to new ideas and change.


AVN – Authorised inspection and licensing body

In 1969, a Nuclear Safety Department was set up within the Association Vinçotte, just at the moment when the first nuclear units of Doel 1 and 2 and Tihange 1 were ordered. This Department was immediately authorised and put in charge of the regulatory control of the nuclear power plants.

AVN – Authorised inspection and licensing body

In 1990, as a result of the merge of both authorised organizations Vinçotte and AIB, the Nuclear Safety Department became officially AIB-Vinçotte Nuclear, in short AVN. As a private company, AVN did not belong to the Administration: AVN was authorised by the Belgian Nuclear Safety Authority.

AVN – Independent Control

In 1995, AVN became completely independent from both an administrative and a financial viewpoint and left the AIB-Vinçotte group.

AVN – Independent Control

In 1996, the merge of AVN with another authorised organization, CORAPRO, involved in addition to the regulatory control of the power plants, the control of most of the other class 1 nuclear installations (SCK CEN, Belgonucléaire, Belgoprocess, IRE,…)

AVN – Independent Control

In 1999, AVN changed its name into Association Vinçotte Nuclear and later moved into a brand new building in August 2001.

FANC operational

Following the entry into force of the law of 15 April 1994 on the creation of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC), the Agency finally became operational on 1 September 2001.

Creation of Bel V and transfer of the regulatory activities of AVN

In September 2007, the FANC has created a subsidiary, with a statute of private foundation, called Bel V.

Creation of Bel V and transfer of the regulatory activities of AVN

On April 14th, 2008, the regulatory activities of AVN, as well as the concerned staff, have been transferred to this subsidiary of the FANC. Since that day, Bel V constitutes the Technical Safety Organisation (TSO) of the Belgian Nuclear Safety Authority.











Bel V is a Foundation under private law, created as a subsidiary by the FANC which delegates to it activities in the field of nuclear safety control and radiation protection.

The Statutes define the general mission as “To contribute to the protection of people and the environment against the danger of ionizing radiation”.

The general objectives of Bel V (with the resulting tasks) are therefore as follows:

  • To carry out nuclear safety and radiation protection inspections of nuclear installations, including nuclear power plants
  • To advise the authorities in the development of nuclear emergency plans, and to intervene in the management of nuclear and/or radiological emergencies
  • Performing and evaluating nuclear safety and radiation protection analyses and providing expertise in these matters

As technical support of the FANC, Bel V is, in accordance with the Belgian regulation, in charge of the safety assessments of the overall design of Belgian Class I and IIA nuclear installations, of their control during operation and of the follow-up of their decommissioning.

Beyond its activities in Belgium, Bel V is also strongly active in the international nuclear market. Bel V is offering to nuclear safety authorities or other Technical Safety Organizations, consultancy services, inspection support or training in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection.

Organizational chart

General Management

  • General Manager


  • Officer Information Security

  • Quality System Manager

Nuclear installations

  • Director

  • Nuclear Power Plants

  • Other Nuclear Facilities

  • Support to Inspection

  • Projects Nuclear Power Plants

  • Projects Other Nuclear Facilities

Safety assessement

  • Director

  • Siting, Civil & Mechanical Design

  • I&C, Electrical Systems and Qualification

  • Engineering Design & Technology

  • Radiation Protection, Waste & Decommissioning

  • Accidents, Consequences & Response

Strategic Development

  • Director

Administration, support & quality

  • Administration, Support & Quality

Finance, procurement & facility

  • Finance, Procurement & Facility