With more than 50 years as the Technical Safety Organization of the Belgian nuclear safety authority, providing nuclear safety assessments and inspections is our DNA.

With more than 50 years of experience in nuclear safety and radiation protection, our organization is entirely part of the Belgian Nuclear Regulatory Body. The Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) delegates to Bel V regulatory missions of inspections and assessments of the major nuclear installations in Belgium. 
In the capacity of Technical Safety Organization, we can offer safety assessments and inspections to support foreign nuclear safety authorities.

Our Services

As the Belgian nuclear TSO (Technical Support Organization), Bel V has developed a large scope of technical expertise necessary to perform appropriately the multidisciplinary nuclear safety, nuclear security & radiation protection assessments and inspections.

To do this, Bel V can rely on its expertise and can rely on high quality simulation tools. In addition, Bel V’s experts support the sharing of knowledge and to do so, our organization provides training to nuclear actors in Europe but also in the rest of the world.


Our technical expertise is distributed among the whole staff according to the qualification and competences of each staff member, transcending the hierarchical structure and allowing therefore reaping benefit from the technical expertise wherever it may be.


Due to the nuclear context, Bel V is in constant evolution. Here are some of our latest news.


Bel V is a subsidiary of the Federal Agency of Nuclear Control in Belgium.

Bel V is acting as TSO (Technical Support Organization) performing safety and radioprotection control of the nuclear installations in Belgium. Bel V is also strongly active on the international nuclear market by offering to nuclear authorities or facilities, consultancy services, inspection support or training in the field of nuclear safety and radioprotection.