Evaporation-driven turbulent thermal convection in water pools heated from below « Sponsored Thesis » 02/2021
A four-part typology to assess organizational and individual security awareness « Sponsored Thesis » 11/2020
CATHARE simulation results of the natural circulation characterisation test of the PKL test facility 11/2020
ETSON Technical Report Comparison of Rules-Making and Practices (Concerning Safety Culture Oversight) 11/2020
Theoretical analysis of the liquid thermal structure in a pool fire « Sponsored Thesis » 10/2020
Evaporation-driven turbulent convection in water pools « Sponsored Thesis » 10/2020
Comparative study of CFD and 3D thermal-hydraulic system codes in predicting natural circulation phenomena in a small-scale pool test facility 09/2020
Survey of Member Countries' Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection Regulations by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Fire Incidents Records Exchange (FIRE) Database Project – Topical Report No. 2 (NUREG/IA-0519, Revision 1) 09/2020
Redefining insider threats: a distinction between insider hazards and insider threats « Sponsored Thesis » 09/2020
SRN - Research programme of AFCN and Bel V on the safety of long-term management of high-level and/or long-lived radioactive waste 06/2020
Numerical simulations of turbulent thermal convection with a free-slip upper boundary 11/2019
RELAP5-3d simulation of complex flow patterns both in-core and inside the reactor upper plenum to assess the performance of reactor coolant temperature sensors located at the core outlet and in-core elevations 08/2019
CATHARE 3D Modeling Capability of a small-scale pool test rig experiments 08/2019
Numerical simulations of turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection with a free surface 08/2019
Numerical investigation of the effect of buoyancy forces on the deflagration of hydrogen in the THAI facility 08/2019
Quantification of the uncertainty of the physical models in the system thermal-hydraulic codes – PREMIUM benchmark 07/2019
3-DSYSTH : an OECD/NEA activity on multi-dimensional capabilities of thermalhydraulic system 05/2019
CFD analysis of the erosion of a light gas stratification by means of a hot air jet in the MiniPanda facility 04/2019
Natural Circulation (Interruption) Analysis with MELCOR 2.2 during Asymmetric Cooldown Transients 03/2019
Severe accident research priority ranking: a new assessment eight years after the Fukushima Daiichi Accident 03/2019
Fastnet scenarios database development and status 03/2019
Experimental characterization of coupled diffusion reaction mechanisms in low permeability chalk 01/2019
Mineralogical and microstructural evolution of Portland cement paste/argillite interfaces at 70°C – Considerations for di?usion and porosity properties 01/2019
Overview of ETSON modelling and experimental capabilities for R&D on nuclear safety 11/2018
SITEX_NETWORK for the development of sustainable and independent technical expertise on radioactive waste management. General overview of the Network and its interactions with Civil Society 11/2018
PSA Lessons Learned from Viewpoint of the ETSON TSOs 11/2018
A Safety Culture Maturity Matrix for nuclear Regulatory Bodies 11/2018
Impact of saline plume on containment properties of natural porous materials in geological storage context: An experimental and REV simulation approach to go beyond Archie’s law (Bel V sponsoring) 11/2018
Unsteady Single-Phase Natural-Circulation Flow Mixing Prediction Using 3-D Thermal-Hydraulic System and CFD Codes 09/2018
Recent PSA developments and use of PSA applications in Belgium 09/2018
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent heat transfer in a T-junction (Bel V sponsoring) 06/2018
Application of the SUDOQU methodology: Preliminary Results for Clearance of Objects from the Controlled Area of a Nuclear Facility 02/2018
ETSON Strategic Orientations on Research Activities. ETSON Researh Group Activity 01/2018
Clearance of Surface-contaminated Objects form the Controlled Area if a Nuclear Facility: Application of the SUDOQU Methodology 01/2018
Thermal Mixing Assessment Using 3-D Thermal-Hydraulic and CFD Codes. 09/2017
Unsteady Single-Phase Natural Circulation Flow Mixing Prediction Using CATHARE Three-Dimensional Capabilities 04/2017
Assessment of CATHARE 3D model in predicting the mixing phenomenon in a PWR reactor pressure vessel downcomer 11/2015
Experimental and Analytical Assessment of Natural Circulation Interruption Phenomenon in the LSTF and PKL Test Facilities 10/2015
Bel V collaboration with the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics: “Simulation of thermal-hydraulic phenomena in a Spent Fuel Pool of a Nuclear Power Plant” 06/2014
Numerical Simulations of a Mechanically-Ventilated Multi-Compartment Fire 02/2014
Assessment of the CATHARE 3D capabilities in predicting the temperature mixing under asymmetric buoyant driven flow conditions 12/2013
Computer simulations to study interaction between burning rates and pressure variations in confined enclosure fires 10/2013
Assessment of natural circulation interruption phenomenon in a PWR with inverted SG U-tubes. 05/2013
Bel V R&D activities in the frame of improved understanding of fire behaviour in nuclear facilities 11/2012
Survey of some Safety Issues related to some specific phenomena under Natural Circulation flow conditions 11/2012
CATHARE Assessment of Natural Circulation in the PKL Test Facility during Asymmetric Cooldown Transients 05/2011
Assessment of Natural Circulation Interruption During Asymmetric Cooldown Transients 10/2010