Advice of FANC on the long-term management plan for high-level and/or long-lived radioactive waste prepared in consultation with Bel V


Licensing of safety critical software for nuclear reactors. Common position of international nuclear regulators and authorised technical support organisations (Revision 2018)


Implications of safety requirements for the treatment of THMC processes in geological disposal systems for radioactive waste 06/2017
Report on the European Pilot Study on the Regulatory Review of a Safety Case for Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste 16/08/2016
Human Resource Management in the Belgian TSO Bel V  
Translation of the emergency planning zone to an intervention zone  
Emergency response made in Belgium  
Comprendre les facteurs humains et organisationnels - Sûreté nucléaire et organisations à risques


Safety Culture as a way of responsive regulation


Implications of the regulatory framework and activities on R&D supporting repository implementation 10/2013
Safety Culture Observations Tool - Guidance


Status and Perspectives of PSA activities in Belgium


Knowledge management practices applied within a TSO: the role of technical responsibility centres


Use of PSA for the Analysis of Operational Events in Nuclear Power Plants (EUROSAFE 2006)


Risk-based Precursor Analysis in the Nuclear Industry - Experiences on the National and the International Scene


Towards a Deductive Approach for the Safety Justification of Computer Based Systems


Overview of activities in knowledge management undertaken by AVN