A Reflex Phase for the management of incidents with fast kinetics

In some specific cases, the Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Plan for the Belgian Territory provides for the implementation of direct protective measures for the population. In case that an emergency situation is quickly developing (fast kinetics) and might lead within 4 hours to an exposure above the an intervention guidance level, the reflex phase is put into operation.

During such a reflex phase, the warning, the sheltering and the listening are put in place in a predefined reflex perimeter, under the competence of the Provincial Governor, pending the implementation of the federal and provincial cells and committees. The protective measures for the population are taken without awaiting the CELEVAL evaluation or the decisions by COFECO. Once the crisis cells and committees are installed and operational, the Emergency Director of the authorities will decide to cancel the reflex phase and to replace it by the proper alert level; hence, the above described organisation becomes operative.

Of course, the predefined reflex perimeters vary from one site or nuclear installation to the other.