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Route description to Bel V offices       

From Brussels National Airport:

  • By taxi
  • Using the train, which commutes between Brussels airport and Brussels 4 times an hour

This train stops in :

  • Bruxelles Nord – Brussel Noord
  • Bruxelles Central – Brussel Centraal
  • Bruxelles Midi – Brussel Zuid

From train station to Bel V office

Recommended : go to Brussels Central train station

Take metro line 5 (direction ERASME/ERASMUS) up to station BIZET. Take the escalator to leave the station and then cross the street (you can see that in the past there were tracks of a tram). Cross the Henri Deleers street at your right hand side (traffic lights) and follow this street to the left (down hill, 50 m) up to the first crossroads. Take the Robert Buyck street to the right and follow this street up to the T-junction. Then turn left (Resedas street). Follow this road to the next T-junction and turn right. This is the Walcourt street. The Bel V building is at about 200 meters at your left hand.

Total: about a 7-minute walk.

A litte bit more difficult : from Brussels Midi / Zuid station; ¼ h bus

Leave the station towards the bus and tram stations in “Overdekte Straat / Rue Couverte”) (do not go down towards the metrostation). Take bus N° 49 or bus N° 78; they both wait there till their departure time (for time schedules see

  • Bus 49 (direction BOCKSTAEL): at the 7th stop you will see companies like Bosch and Seat at your left, “Air et Chaleur” at your right hand side. The bus will then cross the canal. Leave the bus at the first stop after the canal (“Van Kalken” STOP), cross the road and come back, take the street at your right (Henri Deleers street). Follow this street up to the next crossing and take left; you are in the Walcourt street.
  • Bus 78 (direction HUMANITEIT – HUMANITE): passes after about 1,5 km under a railroad bridge (Petite Ile / Klein Eiland). After the bridge it follows a broad road for about 2 km. Leave the bus just after the crossing where you see companies Bosch and Seat at your left, “Air et Chaleur” at your right hand side: stop”Digue du canal / Vaartdijk”. Come back and turn to the left (this is the Paepsem boulevard which crosses the canal). Just cross the canal while keeping to your left; where the Paepsem boulevard continues in the Frans Van Kalken street (right turn) you continue straight ahead (Henri Deleers street). Follow this street till the next crossing and take left : you arrive in the Walcourt street. µ
  • Alternative: from the bridge over the canal you can see the Bel V building, which you can reach by walking along the canal. Take the steps to the Walcourt street (walking through a new residential area) and take left.
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