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Bel V accelerates its international development


In Belgium a law that dates back to 2003 stipulates that all nuclear power plants should be closed by 2025. Already in 2018 Bel V started preparing for this changing national nuclear environment and developed a new strategic plan. One of the axes in our strategic plan deals with the further development of our international activities.

Bel V accelerates its international development

Although the almost simultaneous dismantling of 7 nuclear power plants will constitute a very large project requiring many resources from Bel V for a very long period, it is clear that this changing Belgian nuclear context will require a gradual shift towards more competences in dismantling, waste management etc. At the same time this creates an opportunity for Bel V to deploy the expertise built in long term operation, accident management, fuel behavior … in the international scene. This development of the international activities is carried out under five axes:

  • Axe 1 : Assess safety and security studies. The TSO service of Bel V for the FANC (Belgium National Safety Authority) can be extended to foreign authorities, TSOs, international bodies or foreign operators.
  • Axe 2 : Carry out inspections, measurements and/or audits. The inspection mission carried out for the FANC can be provided for other clients and needs, inside or outside the nuclear market. 
  • Axe 3 : Advise on safe design and operation. Based on its experience, Bel V can provide advice in the field of safety and security. This consultancy service can be proposed to regulatory bodies, operators or future operators and international organisations that wish to develop their regulatory or organisational framework. 
  • Axe 4 : Provide training. Several actors in the nuclear market are interested in training to strengthen their expertise in certain areas as nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection. 
  • Axe 5: Develop and/or participate in R&D projects. Several international bodies are promoting R&D activities in the nuclear market (e.g. projects (co)financed by the European Commission…). Being involved in these projects (as participant or coordinator) and/or developing such projects is a key activity for Bel V. 

In the context of the nuclear phase-out in Belgium, the development of Bel V's international activities accelerated in 2021. In this context, Bel V has become more active, in collaboration with other partners, in offering services to foreign authorities, including safety assessments, nuclear safety inspections and consultancy services. 

Bel V within consortia has won diverse support contracts with international safety authorities in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Norway.

These international successes reinforce our confidence to continue our efforts and thus ensure a sustainable future for our valued personnel.